In Granblue Fantasy, there's a lot more in motion than many players probably realize–seemingly small things like the clouds. It's hard to realize quite how much until you're the one making the game. Things are the most fun and impressive when game elements are in motion. Much more than when they're static.

I think we've managed to create an experience unlike anything else on mobile devices.

One of the big selling points of the game is the quantity of characters, and how well-developed they all are. Up until now, the systems of social games have made it hard to dig in to characters' stories. But this time we've made it so that the same characters can appear again and again, playing new parts. It's really unlike anything that's been done before.

It's great to keep pushing the characters on and on, imagining what's going to come next. I'm confident that players will be able to find characters that appeal to them.