I want to create the ultimate fantasy game.

A game where not just the graphic design, but the backgrounds and everything else feel like unified parts of a whole. One where the artwork is gorgeous, and the way it's animated is impressive, too.

Any of the illustrations can stand on their own, but it's most impressive when they're all there side by side. It's never possible to predict quite what everything will look like together. Laughter.

But it finally feels like a game once you see the background and characters, hear the music, and see it respond to your commands. There's much more motion than you'd imagine.

When we first started creating the game, we began from the key visuals. Swords, spells, and dragons are all go-tos in the fantasy genre, but we decided to base our designs on a ship that sails the skies.

Thinking about where that ship would fly, we hit upon the idea of drifting continents. And from there you get the color of the sky. But to create the illusion of being airborne, you have to use a side view. In an isometric view, the ship's deck would fill the screen. Stuff like that.

In a way, that might seem a little dry or left-brained, but it's how we create.