Priestess of the Dunes / Veiled Conspirator

The rains are welcomed by the inhabitants of the desert, but this time something is different. Our heroes arrive in the city of Brillet, known for it's sparkling sands, only to be trapped by a sudden, heavy rain. During the rains, Priestess of the Dunes, Sara, is protected by the crew from hostile monsters.

According to Sara's bodyguard Volenna, the source of this calamitous downpour is Manawydan, the rain god. Their next mission is to seal away Manawydan.

But something sinister threatens to stop them. Having lost Sara, Jin was close to casting off his life but the crew's words cuts through the darkness of his heart. Having cleared up the misunderstanding, Jin hints at the existence of a shadowy entity that made the request to deal with Sara.

There's still the problem of Manawydan. With a new ally in Jin, the party finally arrives at the cave where Manawydan lurks. They have overcome many hardships to reach the deepest depths of the cave. What they find is unbelievable...