The Inner Light

Our hero has been captured! It all starts when our hero is taking care of Lyria, who has fallen into poor health. A group of scoundrels trick our hero into thinking that a crew member is injured. With the scoundrels using Lyria as a hostage, our hero has no choice but to surrender and the two are sent to the mines of Sidheros to toil in the pits. They meet a youth named Syr who is also forced to work, and the three join forces to hatch an escape plan.

Meanwhile, Eugen and Vyrn head to Sidheros to bring them back. They attempt to negotiate a release with the by-the-book government officials but that proves to be fruitless. Luckily, they find help in Mary, a Sidheros local, and her long-time acquaintance, Altos. Together, they devise a plan to sneak into the pit.