Teardrop in the Sand

Sable Island was beset with floods and natural disasters by the primal beast Manawydan. Sara, the Priestess of the Dunes, risks her life to seal away Manawydan and save the island. With Lyria's help, she survives the ordeal. No longer bound to duty, she goes on a journey with her bodyguard Volenna at her side but falls ill on her travels. They return to Sable seeking medical treatment but Sara's condition only grows worse. Sara was different from her predecessors, and the people of Sable's ill will toward Sara has taken it's toll on her mind and constitution.

As if that weren't enough, the island is under constant attack from mysterious, black monsters. Volenna sets out to take care of the monsters to pay for Sara's treatment, but not alone. Our heroes, learning of Sara's condition, also wish to lend a hand.